Care Packages! Flying toys and flashlights and food…

Got a couple of nice surprises!

BB sent me a couple of nice Carhartt t-shirts, just when it looks like I’m going to be retiring a couple of worn-through dollar store shirts.

And diagnostic tools for the Jeep!

There’s nothing currently wrong with the ignition system, but now I have a way of testing the actual fuel pressure. Hopefully the specs are in that manual Mark Mattis sent last year: A couple of former Jeep-drivers have told me they had the same vaporlock issues I do because their fuel pumps went south.

Terrapod sent me a couple of metal plugs for those gaping holes in the back of the Lair’s sink…


And here’s something nice…

A cute little LED pocket flashlight from Paul. He also ordered a replacement battery for my belt light – unfortunately as of this moment that has gone elsewhere, but I’m going to the Big City in a little over a week and hope to find one there. Plus this little light is coming with me, which will let me lighten up the batbelt in civilized company. It’s a powerful little thing for just running on one AAA.

Now check this out…

I don’t know who sent this! But somebody decided I had too much time on my hands.

You have to set the trim before it’ll hover with even a hint of predictability, which is to say before it’ll do anything predictable except crash. It’s so light that the slightest puff of wind sends it wherever, so I ended up doing that indoors. To say that Torso Boy disapproves would be putting it very mildly indeed. He may someday come out of the closet.

Also it’s made in China so of course what instructions there were were all in Mandaringlish. Thank heaven for Youtube.

Charlie Brown’s kite-eating tree comes to mind. I’m beginning to suspect that you have to below a certain age before mastery is possible – kinda like Rubiks Cubes.

And four boxes of canned meat and goodies from BB, along with four sacks of sugar for the hummingbird(s). He’s convinced I’m going to starve. 🙂

Thanks, guys!

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5 Responses to Care Packages! Flying toys and flashlights and food…

  1. Next project you may have to expand your pantry. Care package reports are such fun!

  2. sevesteen says:

    My first drone came with a controller set to a mode better suited to airplanes than quads, made it almost unflyable. Easy to change, no idea why it wasn’t set that way from the factory. Other advice, don’t let it get behind you until you get some experience. I’ll skip giving advice about tall buildings and crowds, but stay away from trees at first…if possible.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    For REAL fun with Laddie, put one of those RC mice in the bedroom. Then crank up the quad copter in the main living area…


  4. Joel says:

    Next project you may have to expand your pantry.

    It’s actually coming to that. I’m hoping to score another of those strong plastic shelf units before long.

  5. Cederq says:

    Also fun is buzz the hummys outside as they will do you. I do that to the hummies here and they attack it in force…

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