Check your brass.

Cleaned a bunch of .44 brass in the polisher I keep over at Ians, since he’s got all that unused electricity just laying around. Yesterday LB and I went up to the reloading shack to prep the cases: If I ever get the powder, I’m going to do an article on light loads in big cases with a bunch of different powders since I’ve been very unsatisfied with my current light-load recipe. Anyway, I’ll need a bunch of cases because I’ll be cooking up a bunch of different loads.

Anyway, point is, I haven’t exactly been abusing this brass lately. Yeah, I went through some abusively heavy powder charges for the first couple of years I shot .44, but I’m over that now. Big rings of fire and throw-the-gun-over-your-head recoil stop being fun when your age starts with the number six and all those broken bones and abused joints come back to haunt you. The peaceful, contemplative life, that’s what I’m all about. Yeah.

One thing I need to contemplate more is the condition of my brass…
No matter how light your powder charges, there comes a time in each cartridge case’s life when you’ve loved it till it’s real.

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7 Responses to Check your brass.

  1. Michael says:

    5 grains of Hodgdon Trailboss under a 165 grain lead round nose makes a nice powder-puff load for the 44 spl

  2. doubletrouble says:

    I’ve had good results using Titegroup in my 44 spl. I use 4.7gr under a 245(?) gr TCFMJ. Easy shooting & enough horsepower to knock pins off a table.

  3. See the reloading pages of M.D. Smith for precautionary tales of light loads in large cases.

  4. Joel says:

    Okay, yeah, but that guy was using 2400 in 45/70 cases. I don’t know what his actual powder charges were, but the cases were way bigger. I never heard of anybody needing wadding in .44 Spl cases.

    What I’m getting with Bullseye and CFE is incomplete combusion, spitting unburned powder all over my hands and gun.

  5. Michael says:

    Have you tried magnum primers? Should help achieve a more complete combustion. The advantage of the Trailboss is it is light and bulky and will fill the case. It was made for the cowboy action shooters. It is almost idiot proof. Anything short of compression is safe. Fill the case to the bottom of the bullet, weigh it and take 70% of that as your starting load.

  6. abnormalist says:

    So its not really light, but 10gr of w231 under a 240gr HCSWC in mag brass does a good solid job in my tracker. Light enough to shoot a bunch without significant fatigue, but still hot enough to remember its a 44 mag load.

    Works well for a hunting load, and I run em a lot in both pistol and lever rifle.

    I AM NOT A RELOADING MANUAL, but my understanding is that bullseye can be mostly substituted for w231 in most cases.

  7. Buck. says:

    I’ll second the Trail Boss advise. I love it in my 44s and .45 Colt cases.

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