Check your privilege, English-speaking Feminist.

This just in, the entire Spanish language has been declared problematic.

Although I don’t fully understand why inanimate objects need to be gendered, it is not as bothersome to me as using the masculine form to refer to a group of females and males. When referring to a group of children, Spanish speakers say “chicos,” which literally translates to “a group of boys.” The word “padre” means “father,” while “padres” means “parents.” If there is one male in a group of all females, “ellas,” (them, female) is changed to “ellos,” (them, male). In all of these cases, it seems like a matter of not wanting to threaten men’s masculinity.

I studied Spanish for several years at home and never noticed these peculiarities. While I’m actively forced to speak Spanish here, I’m much more cognizant of my word choice. Spanish pronouns, objects and nouns do not seem to consider gender inclusivity and neutrality, and like many others, I consider this a feminist and LGBT issue.

I’m aware that my view of this issue comes from a place of supposed superiority and judgment, but in reality, the English language has its slew of gender neutrality and inclusivity problems. Some issues are so internalized that we don’t even realize we’re saying them, like using “guys” to refer to any group of people.

Hey you guys! Check out the huge English privilege on this chick!

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6 Responses to Check your privilege, English-speaking Feminist.

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Seems impossible that these dufus cupcakes don’t have any real problems to worry about. Who the hell cares what “gender” a word is supposed to be? I mean, besides the precious little snowflakes…

    Tell you what was fun… I learned to speak French in high school. Later, I tried hard to learn Spanish. Now they are such a puree of snot that I can’t speak either of them. The Spanish speakers are pretty laid back over this gender thing… never met anyone who did more than smile when I made a mistake. But the French? Hooo boy, they get really crazy over their language. Snotty even if your accent is not up to their standards.

    The nuttiest language deal I ever encountered, however, was when I visited friends in Mexico, and a neighbor was a man from Finland. Just imagine someone speaking fairly good Spanish… but with a thick Finnish accent. The Mexican folks loved to talk to him and always went away smiling.

    I’m having a lot more luck… and a lot more fun, learning to speak Wyoming.

  2. Michael says:

    So called “gender attributions” in the Spanish language are directly related to the ending vowel. With some occasional irregular exceptions, the vowels are said to have feminine or masculine traits based on their sound/pitch, and one uses the corresponding preposition. It does not mean the object described by the noun is female or male. A table or a car have no genitalia thus they can not be attributed with a gender. As a native Spanish speaker I found it impossible to make the radical feminists in my classroom wrap their agenda bent pea brains around this aspect of the language. I suppose for lost souls who delight in the absurdities of gender bending disregarding the genitalia on the individual in question, it can all be a bit confusing, and brings in to serious question their doubtful grasp on reality.That is one reason I don’t teach Spanish any more.

  3. Bear says:

    How dare she try to appropriate and change Spanish culture to suit her privileged prejudices!

  4. Tennessee Budd says:

    I think she’s an idiot, but I must admit that when I was married, my wife would say something like “OK, you guys, let’s go to xxx.” As there was only me, her, & 3 daughters in the house, I would point out that I was the only “guy” present.
    She could have just said “y’all” like normal folks, but then she was born Yankee. I don’t think there’s a vaccine for that yet.

  5. abnormalist says:

    Dont these people need to worry about important stuff? Like bacon supplies?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The good thing is that all of the other important problemS the world faces must be solved, or else this entire article would be comedy gold…

    ..wait, they aren’t solved? What the hell is this entitled, priveledged bitch prattling on about again?

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