Choosing between the options the boonies provide…

This morning LB and I drove Landlady and Dharma out to the cattlegate leading to the county road, where she parked her car yesterday before the snow all melted and turned to impassible mud. The ride was uneventful in a way that didn’t at all call for a Jeep, because the mud – which had formed, just as predicted – was all frozen and nobody got stuck yesterday and tore it up.

That was one of the options discussed yesterday. She unilaterally decided to see if she could get her car up the hill, which only made sense. But she thought she’d be able to drive out of the boonies this morning mud or no mud, because the temperature would be in the teens and the mud would be frozen. That way she wouldn’t have to impose on me for two Jeep rides. “It’ll probably be fine,” was one thought expressed.

She was right, it would have worked fine. But we decided not to do that, because first of all it’s her Jeep and I consider an occasional taxi ride part of the service she’s paying for, and second “it’ll probably be fine” is not a good reason to skip taking precautions when the alternative is “it won’t be fine at all, and then there we’ll be.”

Point is – here’s another Joel’s Law – when you live in the boonies there’s a time to be lazy and maybe live with the minor consequences of that when things don’t go quite right, and there’s a time to get off your ass and take all necessary measures to prevent disaster. Sudden-onset bad weather is deep in the territory of that second time.

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2 Responses to Choosing between the options the boonies provide…

  1. Mike says:

    You did good, I’m glad that it all worked out.

  2. Jack says:

    Information/experience + application of logic/reason x preparation = best chance of success

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