C’mon, you know you want it…

My buddy Ian is doing some fundraising to get much-needed camera gear for his Forgotten Weapons website. You may already be familiar with his excellent videos. Well, they’re about to get a good deal better yet.

But first he needs better gear. And he’s offering some one-time-only swag in exchange for help. Go see! And from the way he’s doing so far, you’d better hurry.

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3 Responses to C’mon, you know you want it…

  1. czechsix says:

    Sure, I’ll toss some into the hat. I’ll also make mention of the campaign on the forums I’m active in….I don’t think Ian will have any issues getting funding for this project.

    Hell, I’ll even throw it out on the Rubicon, come to think of it.

  2. Benjamin says:

    The shirts went fast! Looking forward to improved a/v. Ian does something really interesting, especially for a guy like me who doesn’t know much about guns and their history.

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