Does this gravitas make my butt look big?

Whenever I want to be taken seriously in the absence of any evidence that I should be, I just preface all my sentences with “Gabby Giffords says…” That way, no matter how ludicrous what follows may be, nobody’s listening anyway because they’re all genuflecting to the virtues of brain damage and victimhood or something.

Seriously, why is this news?

Giffords and Kelly visited the Hearst headquarters in New York on Monday morning to speak with Ellen Levine, editorial director of Hearst magazines. During their presentation they revealed a number of startling facts: American women are eleven times more likely to be killed by guns than in any other high-income country, and every month, nearly 50 women are shot to death by a current or former partner. The campaign by Americans For Responsible Solutions intends to reduce gun violence and support candidates that advocate for stricter gun control.

A woman whose sole claim to fame is that she was shot in the head by a crazy person gets rolled out for the cameras at a midtown limos-and-champagne celebrity event, and it’s all we’re allowed to read about – besides Hillary’s latest book tour event of course – for two days.

Of course it is. It’s important. Being Gabby Giffords means that when she recites bogus statistics some ad executive made up, they magically become ‘startling facts.’ I confess I genuinely was startled by that second number, though. I was startled that they didn’t choose a larger number because my immediate reaction was “Really? Only 50?” You can read about that many gang-bangers getting shot on a single bad weekend in a single city we all know about – but you can’t read about them in the progressive press, which isn’t interested in that kind of ‘gun violence.’

A ‘women’s issue?’ What does that even mean in this context? In media-speak, a ‘women’s issue’ is a societal problem with women as its unique victims, which is extra-special bad, which is why we’re all supposed to treat breast cancer as something worse than, say, prostate cancer. But this doesn’t seem like a good fit as a ‘women’s issue.’ Who’s really going to buy that women are somehow uniquely at risk for ‘gun violence?’ It’s incoherent. Maybe that’s why they gave it to Gabby Giffords to say.

ETA: People claiming to speak for women say that women are uniquely at risk for ‘gun violence.’ I dunno – because they’re too weak to pull a trigger or something.

Sure. Like in these cases in which armed women were helpless against shot the living hell out of their attackers.

But of course that can’t really happen.

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4 Responses to Does this gravitas make my butt look big?

  1. UnReconstructed says:

    ‘sole claim to fame was that she got shot in the head by a crazy person…..’

    I’m still laughing, Lordy what a great way to put it.

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Who’s really going to buy that women are somehow uniquely at risk for ‘gun violence?’

    All of those who are horrified at the very idea any woman could or should actually take responsibility for her actions and choices, including developing the skills and mindset to defend herself. The very idea that women are responsible for putting themselves at risk by choosing psychopaths and gang bangers (even cops – but I repeat myself) as “partners” is totally ignored.

    And, of course, the same thing goes for men, but is not talked about quite as much. It is just so much easier to “blame” an inanimate object instead of going to all that trouble.

  3. GoneWithTheWind says:

    It doesn’t pass the smell test. A similar claim was made by an anti-gun group that American gun deaths were greater then gun deaths in any European country or Canada. So someone did a study to determine what the facts were. If you eliminate shooting by blacks and hispanics (which Canada and most European countries have very few of) and only compare Americans of European descent with Europe and Canada in fact American has fewer gun deaths then Canada or Europe. What we all know but PC keeps us from saying is most gun violence/deaths are the result of black and hispanic youths, drug dealers and gangs. What Gabby didn’t say in her statement is not many Americans of European descent are shooting their wives/girlfriends. And to get deeper into the PC black hole these “victims” usually aren’t sitting at home drinking tea and eating dainty sandwiches, They are usually drunk on their ass or drugged and fighting/inciting violence themselves and they are out in the street while their babies are home alone and it is usually 2 am. It is their propensity for violence themselves that puts them at risk and their actions. But I suppose if you point out that being drunk and fighting with your baby daddys girlfriend in the street at 2 am just might get you shot by the drunk baby daddy someone will accuse me of “blaming the victim”.

  4. Keith says:

    Apart from people who fear guns in the hands of mundanes, more than they fear death itself, what the hell does it matter what means are used to commit the murder?

    Is being shot somehow so much worse than other ways of going, strangulation, other forms of asphyxiation, stabbing or impaling, bludgeoning, poisoning, irresponsible driving…?

    The aggressive or irresponsible actions are the problem, not the tools used. Would the same homicide rate amongst women – but with fewer by shooting, represent an “improvement” to Gifford?

    Also, I wonder whether the young woman who was murdered by cops for driving in an erratic manner in DC, during the “shut down” is counted in the figure?

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