Cold, windy, expensive morning…

Monday morning water run on what should have been a mild day, the temp is in the middle thirties but the wind is absurdly unpleasant. And we basically had to do everything

520 pounds of wood pellets for D&L. 20 gallons of propane. 10 gallons of gasoline. 21 gallons of drinking water. Plus groceries and a little ammo. I blew out a finger of my unlined gloves loading pellets, so though I did not plan to replace gloves this trip I ended up doing that, and there’s $20 gone. BB always includes some greenstamps with his care packages and the plan was to invest most of that on a new water pump for the Jeep but I ended up leaving most of it in town and not for fun stuff – but the winter is going into extra innings and I must say a whole line of full propane bottles is a comforting sight.

D&L don’t usually buy pellets in town, preferring to order it by the pallet. But they’ve been going through so many there was nothing to do but hit the feed store for 13 unscheduled sacks. D didn’t want help unloading them from the truck but I happen to know he’s waiting out L’s recovery before going in for a second knee joint replacement, so I insisted (hopefully) without being obnoxious about it. If he hands them down from the truck and I ferry them to the rack we can do it in a few minutes without either of us having to suffer for it. So now everybody’s ready for the next cold week we’ve been promised.

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3 Responses to Cold, windy, expensive morning…

  1. Mark Matis says:

    Have you been able to get an estimate of the cost for the water pump replacement in your Millenium Falcon?

  2. Joel says:

    No, I need to make that call. Hate talking to strangers on the phone.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Is he really a “stranger” after what he charged you for the suspension work???


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