Comfy shirt day

Oh, I’m moving slow this morning. It’s quarter to eight and I haven’t even had breakfast. Didn’t even wake up till almost six, and only Little Bear and a conscience got me out of bed.

I had a lot of plans for today, and there are still a few things that need doing before the porch is in a comfortable-to-live-with state. Example…

Before the stairs can be stabilized and leveled, the remaining catwalk has to be positioned right. But it is truly rotten underneath, it started to come apart just with the short distance I towed it yesterday. So the most important task for today is to turn it over and rebuild it. I’ve got lots of other old weathered 2X4s to work with, I guess. I doubt I’m even going to look at railings today.

I shamefacedly confess I didn’t even get all the tools put away last night. The generator and other power tools, yeah. But the chopsaw is bolted to the table, and I wimped out with the excuse that it’s so dry there was no chance of dew – no conceivable hope of rain. Still, that’s bad practice for which I kicked myself this morning.

While things cooled off in the evening I did fill in the pier trenches and haul off the excess dirt, removing the things I spent so much time stumbling and tripping over yesterday afternoon. But that was my last spasm of energy, and I came in feeling like I’d found my bridge too far. There’s a lot of yard cleanup yet to do, and I doubt it’ll get done today.

I’m still pretty sore. So no, I think I’m going to declare this Comfy Shirt Day, an ancient and venerable tradition I just made up, in which you get to wear your very favorite shirt because (barring emergency, of course, this is the boonies) there’ll be no activity that might tear or otherwise ruin it.


I just used up the last of my bread on breakfast, so this needs to be baking day. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

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5 Responses to Comfy shirt day

  1. billf says:

    The porch looks great!! I’m proud of the progress you’re making,I’m vicariously ,right there with you.You have come miles from the cold trailer home years ago. Have a drink and rest a while.

  2. Robert says:

    One never needs an excuse to bake, my good sir.

  3. Dennis says:

    I know photos are often deceiving, but are your porch floor joists on 4′ centers? If so that might prove to be problematic as time goes by.

  4. Zelda says:

    You have done another great job. Your Lair improvements are impressive. Hopefully in addition to Cute your porch will emphasize safety for an aging hermit with one flexible leg in a rainy and snowy climate. Railings, handholds, texture on your stairs or preferably ramp(s). Redesigned stairs if you must have stairs. Lots of universal design information on the Internet. Slips and falls are the number one way aging hermits lose independence. Firewood supply outside the door. Anything that will help you stay comfortably and safely in The Lair.

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