Comrade Bernie commands you not to buy this shirt.


Via Codrea, who demands link shares as his due, comes this exciting and important news item…

Sanders Lawyers Do Not Like These “Bernie Is My Comrade” T-Shirts One Bit

What t-shirts? Why, you naughty readers! To even address that question would surely violate a mandate of our Dear Would-Be Leader.

So, yeah. This t-shirt. Go there right this second and buy twelve. Okay, as a result of that pesky cease & desist order it seems we can’t actually buy any. But we can give them some linky love and spread it around, just to annoy Bernie’s lawyers.

Hail the Streisand Effect Bernie!

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2 Responses to Comrade Bernie commands you not to buy this shirt.

  1. MJR says:

    I suspect that one of these at a rally would prove to be very interesting. Freedom of speech might have a rough time being heard in a Bernie crowd and personally I would not try it unless the rally was in a CCW friendly state. What was it that Heinlein said about being armed and politeness? :*)

  2. Joat says:

    I would think a lot of Bernie supporters wouldn’t know it’s a parody.

To the stake with the heretic!