Will the last sane person out of California please lock the gate?

Sometimes gungrabbers just seem…well, petulant. Such people should not be allowed to write laws everybody else has to follow – unless they’re in California, in which case it’s tradition that only such people may do so.

Case in point:

Tuesday, April 19, the Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection is scheduled to hear Assembly Bill 2459. This detrimental bill, authored by NRA-PVF “F” rated Assembly Member Kevin McCarty, would close practically every gun store in the Golden State if enacted into law. Gun control advocates have made their agenda very clear – removal of firearm availability piece by piece, until it is completely gone in California.

The law doesn’t actually ban FFLs from doing business in the state, that would trigger immediate and obvious lawsuits. No, it just piles on restrictions ensuring that no gun shop could ever possibly operate at a profit.

I’ve no idea how likely it is that this law or one like it will be passed. Sacramento politicians have been hating on gun sales for a very long time, and guns kept right on being legally sold, so there has to be a reason. No longer living there myself, I’m very tempted to hope they go ahead and pass this horrible thing just so I can watch what happens next. In all likelihood California is already up to its metaphorical armpits in free market guns, and I wonder how much it would take to get that trend to boil over into public view.

It’s so easy to piously lament, “why do sensible people still live there at all?” The answer, of course, is that in certain industries that’s where the jobs are. Easier to say “find another business to work in” than it is to actually do that. I know.


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5 Responses to Will the last sane person out of California please lock the gate?

  1. MJR says:

    It is amazing at times to see the lengths these fools will go to and seeing this makes me all the more happy not to live there. Back when I lived in Quebec a similar thing happened. It wasn’t guns it was language. The exodus from Quebec was so bad the economy still hasn’t fully recovered. I suspect the same is true for granola country. Granola Country, the land of fruits, nuts and flakes.

  2. Joel says:

    I always kind of wondered what it was like to be a non-“french*” speaker in Quebec while all that was going on.

    *scare quotes because the story in Detroit at the time was that actual French people refused to acknowledge that what Quebecers spoke was actually French.

  3. MJR says:

    Joel the Detroit folks were right in France Quebec french is not understood. The best example of how stupid the Quebec government could be was in a story that happened around 1976 just after I got out. The story was part of an article about the english diaspora was in n English paper called The Montreal Star.

    There is a group of enforcement people charged with ensuring french is the primary language. On the South Shore of Montreal there was a pet store that got into trouble with these guys. A lady bought a parrot and when she got it home found that would only speak English. The French lady complained to the language cops who in turn gave the pet store owner a month to train the bird to speak french. Three and a half weeks later the pet store owner had closed his store and moved to ontario.

    For a long time there was a sign painted on a sheet of plywood at the Ontario border sign. Weekly it was removed by the roads guys only to reappear a short time later. The sign had a green background with big letters that said “Last one out please turn off the lights.”

  4. Buck says:

    I think they ranked this bill in the privacy committee, whatever that is. But there were 8 other bills that passed the politburo rooms to go to the inevitable party line landslide passage to the governors desk.
    Moonbeam has actually not been as egregious as he could and was expected to be. He has vetoed versions of several of these bills before. Not that he has any real memory of that or why.
    Utah is looking better and better every day.

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