Create a problem. Offer a solution.

#3: Profit!

So the cops are cracking down on a big cigarette smuggling ring.

Cigarette smuggling. Dig it. A crime caused by the absurd taxation laws of one single city, but we’re all supposed to be very happy the feds are saving us from it.

Cigarette smuggling from Virginia to spots in the Northeast has become a major and lucrative crime in recent years. Harrington said a carton of cigarettes costing $50 in Virginia could cost $110 to $120 in New York City because of added taxes and fees.

Sounds like commerce to me.

Illegally trafficked cigarettes now have a higher profit margin than cocaine, heroin, marijuana or guns,” a Virginia State Police official was quoted as saying by the state’s Crime Commission.

Get that? “Illegally trafficked” cigarettes are as bad as cocaine, heroin, or even (gasp) the dreaded marijuana or deadly guns. It’s evil, people! We must beg our protectors to take whatever power they need to save us from the awful scourge of illegally trafficked cigarettes! which they caused.

Commodity smuggling to avoid taxes and tariffs! A great American occupation since ‘way before 1776. I see stories about smuggling in the US and I think maybe the American spirit isn’t totally dead after all.

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3 Responses to Create a problem. Offer a solution.

  1. No begging necessary. As you know, they’ve already taken whatever power they need to save us from illegally trafficked cigarettes (which, needless to say, are way more unhealthy than legally trafficked cigarettes). Like the power to kill you. Over cigarettes.

    Just ask Eric Garner.

  2. feralfae says:

    The licensed, “legal” tobacco growers, with their heavy subsidies (enabling them to offer generous bribes to parasites) are loving’ it. All this publicity about their leaf and its worth. These recycled tax dollars go to create white a show, and justify, in the eye of the naive public, why we need cops. Keeps their eyes off the prize of liberty.
    In Montana as well as in Texas and other places, including Alaska, many people grow and cure their own organic tobacco. It is quite lovely and aromatic. No taxes.
    But, yes, Jerry, they still have the power to kill us. Over anything. At any time. And look!, we are still standing. They cannot kill the concept. It is in the air, and very infectious. And we have the internet. We are winning. It is mostly just a comedy now. Nonetheless, Powder. Dry.

  3. riverrider says:

    these particular smugglers were muslim extremists, likely gathering funds for their future jihad. but agree with everything else.

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