Maybe halfway there…

The weather was taking a turn toward the cold and rainy, but seems to have paused in that endeavor. So I was able to spend part of this afternoon making up for time I lost on the Monday morning water run, and I’m roughly halfway through getting my firewood put back away.

Two full tiers, all neatly stacked. There were four and a half tiers left in the hoopshed but the new shed is a little wider and a lot squarer, so I’ll be surprised if there are four full tiers here. As soon as this is done I can stop cursing last winter for leaving me so much firewood to stack and start blessing last winter for leaving me so little I have to cut in the autumn.

While I was being busy I dragged out my Dremel and one of those vent caps somebody sent me last year and fixed the last of my Jerry cans. These vents aren’t a perfect solution – I’ve been unable to get a non-leaking installation without this stuff – but having gotten them installed and not leaking they certainly solve the glugging problem. The vents on the other two cans have saved me a subjective 14 man-centuries of standing around holding a heavy gas can while it s-l-o-w-l-y glugs its contents into the Jeep, just in the past year. So it’s worth the ugly installation.

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6 Responses to Maybe halfway there…

  1. czechsix says:

    I always had no issues with my jerry cans – pouring them with the spout on the top, instead of the bottom. The other thing is that some of them are supplied with no vent lines. There should be a small air vent at the top of the spout, looks like a 1/8″ or so brake line sticking out.

  2. Joel says:

    Yes, there should be. Amusingly these cans actually have that little vent line – which goes right up to the seal in the unvented spout. Not amusingly, those useless vent lines manage to make the openings just small enough that it’s difficult to insert a filler spout. It’s like the perfect storm of fail.

  3. feralfae says:

    Joel, off in an entirely other direction, the box is growing. I will ship it before winter. And when you think of it, give us a list of stuff you need, again, as well as what you’d like for decorating the bedroom. ** Gosh, you are going to have a guest loft. Outstanding!

  4. Kentucky says:

    Yeah, I can see it now . . .

    “Spend a week with a genuine paranoid recluse/hermit in the wilderness of scenic southeast America. You must provide your own transportation (4X4 recommended), food, water, ammo . . .”


  5. MJR says:

    Hey Joel,

    Ironic that while you were filling the new & improved wood shed I was carting wood off to the dump. I’m not as smart as you, I cut the wood intending to burn it in our fire pit. While I burned a fair bit I only used around half and the rest stayed outside in the wet uncovered so now it’s punky and useless except for a few pieces that are hardwood.

    I know what you are saying about the gas can situation. I’ve found the simplest way to deal with the gluging was to put the gas can on a bar stool I got at a garage sale and use a siphon hose to transfer the fuel. Seeing what you have done I just may get out the old Dremel and modify the cans.

  6. Sendarius says:

    Remember: low speed, no sparks! That “empty” fuel can is just chock full of explodey goodness.

    Alternatively, fill the thing with water first, fit the vent, then empty and use alcohol to dry up the last drops of water.

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