Cross-traffic etiquette…

Took the bike to chicken chores this morning. Got to the end of my little side road, looked left and right, and…

Incoming from the right was a small pod (herdlet? whatever.) of cattle which immediately stopped when they saw the human. (“What’s it doing, Harriet?” “I don’t know what it’s doing or what it wants, Maude. But be ready to run.”)

And they just stood there patiently, all the time I was fiddling with the camera. If I’d turned toward them they’d have scattered but until I did they preferred not to change their plans, which probably involved the watering station.

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4 Responses to Cross-traffic etiquette…

  1. TK421a says:

    Where I am, the issues are deer, bears, wild turkeys and the occasional moose wandering onto roads and occasionally into towns. It’s funny how the wildlife incursions into towns have increased these past few months of COVID-19. Even funnier, is how the media goes full-court press when someone spots a deer, bear etc, wandering down a town street.

    Remember Joel, to err is human… to moo, bovine.

  2. Robert says:

    ” a small pod (herdlet)”
    Recon unit.

    In Totally Unrelated News: After our downtown businesses were destroyed by SJWs of various stripes who also decided robbing a jewelry store and setting fire to the 911 call center was a route to equality, the City Council wants to prohibit the police from buying or using tear gas, mace, and “less-lethal” projectiles ‘cuz the rioters complained. Presumably, police use of harsh words and stern looks will be next on the chopping block.

  3. BobF says:

    Robert, when “whipped with a wet noodle” becomes the legal description of maximum punishment you may want to consider relocating.

  4. Robert says:

    Oh, I’ve been pondering it, believe me. The housing market is exceedingly tight hereabouts; a friend who lives in a neighboring more-rural county says “there ain’t nuthin’ available”. Worse, my late mother’s empty house (well water, septic, acreage for solar) is in bankrupt Illinois . Sigh.

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