D is back!

And looking surprisingly good, given some of the dire stories I’ve heard in the past couple of weeks. He has dropped a lot of weight, going from skinny to downright gaunt, but he can talk and use his right hand. His speech is slurred but he doesn’t have trouble finding words, he can grasp but says he has trouble with fine control and doesn’t have a lot of strength.

But he’s back and functional and in good spirits, happy to be home. He’ll be doing his physical therapy at a clinic in the little town nearest where we live, but may need to go to the big town about 50 miles away for speech therapy. Given the improvement in his speech in just the past week I don’t know how much he’s really going to need that, but what do I know.

Anyway, he’s back! And out of the danger we didn’t even know he was in.

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6 Responses to D is back!

  1. Ben says:

    Good news indeed!!!

  2. free.and.true says:

    Very glad he’s home and doing so well.

  3. Judy says:

    Good to hear!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great news! We’re all rooting for him!

  5. WOZ Wozzie says:

    There are some online speech therapist. Not sure of the cost or if Medicare or insurance will cover. Check here. https://www.aphasia.org

  6. Mike says:

    Good news indeed. Now this is the kind of news that makes a person’s day. I hope the recovery isn’t too long or hard. D is a good person, and good people deserve all the help they can get.

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