Look who’s starting to enjoy Jeep rides…

Like any house dog he knows the signs when I’m getting ready to leave. Up until now he usually showed no interest in coming with me the way LB or Ghost always did. But lately, more and more often and twice today he has headed for the door and made it clear he was prepared to pout if I didn’t bring him with.

Fine with me, as long as I’m taking the Jeep. We had to come to an agreement about dismounting, because he wanted to jump out of the jacked-up Jeep when we get home and with his weight and frame that’s asking for major joint problems in a very short time. But now he knows to wait on the driver’s seat till I get him down, and then he races off to the porch for his cookie and all is right with his world.

Of course he’s out of luck when I’m planning to use the bike…

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5 Responses to Look who’s starting to enjoy Jeep rides…

  1. Jean says:

    We got one of those side by sides. They’re kinda noisy to ride in. The dog would get in if I ordered him to and would look at me like this was horrible punishment. A hog dog broken in pieces, along with a ride out to a rabbit chase completely changed his attitude.

  2. Joel says:

    Nooope. He’s not remotely that ballsy.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    That’s not what the bull snake thought…


  4. Joel says:

    That wasn’t ballsy, that was inattentive. He was more surprised than the snake.

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