Laptop’s acting up again. At this rate I’m going to have to break out the other one – right now I’m using the “Plan C” tablet and Bluetooth keyboard BB left with me, and which is lately proving useful during my evening Babylon 5 film festival. Gad, that show was sillier than I recall, with acting, direction and dialog that make me embarrassed I was ever a fan. Still enjoy the overall storyline, though.

Anyway, maybe the laptop will decide to connect again, it always has in the past. But in the meantime I have no email, which means I can’t do pics, and there’s the whole left button/right button on the mouse thing which is such a part of my muscle memory and makes so very many things possible – I can’t even figure out how to highlight text with this rig. Maybe it’s time to break out the Plan B laptop, but it has its own issues.

Grumble. I’m going to be driven to actually update the antedeluvian software on my principle ‘pooter, I just know I am. I’d much rather continue to procrastinate over that.

ETA: Oh, for heaven’s sake. While I was typing the above on the tablet, the laptop quietly decided to connect to the hotspot anyway after refusing several consecutive times. Swear I’m going to back to pressing cuneiform into clay, that’s more my speed.

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One Response to Dammit…

  1. Andrew says:

    This may sound like a stupid thing to do, but when my laptop starts having connectivity problems, I do the “Disk Cleanup” thing found in “Administrative Tools” in Windows.

    That, and checking the resource manager to see if something weird is using up all computer resources.

    And, of course, periodically defragging the hard drive and cleaning out cookies from the cookie cache.

    You know, all the stupid dumb tricks that the IT geeks assume you are supposed to have done before you disturb them in their lairs.

    Of course, considering where you live, it could be… Aliens. (oooooooooooooooohhh.)

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