That’s it for the brush work on the trim…

There’s still lots of brush work ahead – and also lots of trim painting – but one phase of cabin painting is complete.

Well…complete for now, anyway.

I ran into a big problem when I tried to install trim around the front bedroom window. I had barely enough 1X3 to do the job, and then it turned out one of them got a big bow in it while in the woodshed. Bother! There was no way to work around it, so I’m stuck on that window until I can score another stick. But if that’s the worst thing that happens this season I’ll be delighted. Also I still have to figure out how to trim around the new back door, and of course after that the brushes will come back out.

But for now, I can turn my attention to the walls. Leak-chasing on the gutter is complete since I just gave up and covered the damned connector with sealer tape, then painted it brown. The downspout will become green when I put another coat on that wall.

Meanwhile some other chores are complete, and others will probably continue indefinitely. I took the second grave marker pedestal out of the form this morning and put it in the sun to cure. These’ll get planted on Saturday if all goes according to plan.

And here’s a brand-new and no doubt repetitive chore, related to Little Bear kind of getting to be an old dog. He has to pee a lot, and wants to move no farther than absolutely necessary to do it, so he has thoroughly befouled the dirt of the front yard just in front of the porch. I didn’t mind until it turned warm, when “scent” pretty much undeniably turned into “stench.”

The good news, I suppose, is that there could not be any doubt in the mind of any possible coyote as to where Little Bear, who views coyotes as enticing chew toys, lives. Of course that was never really in doubt before, either. And the bad news is, well, stench.

So this morning, coming back from chicken chores, we stopped in the wash and shoveled up a tub of nice clean sand. It’s starting to warm up, and so far the sand seems to be successfully killing the smell.

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One Response to That’s it for the brush work on the trim…

  1. Eric says:

    Brother the lair keeps looking better and better. Almost makes me want to build my own out there, well except for the heat that is.

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