Damn it, Jim! I’m documentation, not tech support!

So, concerning our exciting new header…

I get this email from Ian’s IT guy who I think is not enjoying his opportunity to be a part of my cavalcade of obsolescence…

The problem you are now experiencing is due to a plugin (“Exclude Pages”) that hasn’t been updated since 2010:

> === Exclude Pages ===
> Contributors: simonwheatley
> Donate link: http://www.simonwheatley.co.uk/wordpress/
> Tags: get_pages, navigation, menu, exclude pages, hide pages
> Requires at least: 2.2.3
> Tested up to: 3.4
> Stable tag: 1.92

> = v1.8.1 2010/4/19 =
> * BUGFIX: Check for existence of parent object before attempting to use it. (Thanks to Robert Kosara for the bug report.)
> = v1.8 2009/10/27 =
> * BUGFIX: PHP 5.3 doesn’t like the fact that parameters marked as passed by reference as passed as value. Params now not marked as passed by ref.
> = v1.7 2009/7/29 =

I could not find this plugin in the current wordpress.org/plugins repository. It has likely been abandoned by the plugin author. You should now be on version 4.9.8 of WordPress (well beyond the “Tested up to: 3.4”) spec of the plugin.

You will likely need to find another plugin to perform the function for which you are using Exclude Pages. It isn’t a theme problem.

On the one hand this is good news, since I started using WordPress in 2012 which means the current problem is NOT related to me pushing a wrong button – or failing to push a right button – sometime in the dim past.

Of course that leaves all the ways it’s bad news…

For the record I have indeed updated the WordPress version (I hate that, they always move things around) and all the updateable plug-ins. So that leaves exactly no clue as to what I’m supposed to do to fix the header. Maybe a new theme?

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7 Responses to Damn it, Jim! I’m documentation, not tech support!

  1. Kentucky says:

    Lost me right after “The problem you are now experiencing . . . “

  2. Ben says:

    On one hand, you have received a timely response from an actual English speaking human who did, at minimum, solve your login issue and get you back into the blogging business. And that happened on a Sunday! Honestly, that’s far more help than I have come to expect these days.

    That said, (and with no desire to be unkind): With just a bit of decoding, you can shrink that part of that guy’s response that you quoted down to one simple sentence: “That is your problem, not mine”,

  3. Ed says:

    This functionality might be built into WordPress now:


    Never used WP so cant be much help.


  4. Mike says:

    I would love to offer some timely advice that would get you out of this predicament, but unfortunately I’m 3/4 Luddite. Good luck Joel, I’m pulling for you.

  5. M says:

    Looks like the Borg wants you assimilated. Tried tapping with a hammer yet?

  6. jed says:

    I try to avoid WordPress these days; it’s gotten to damn complicated, and a lot harder to hack on, because it requires more knowledge of dyanmic HTML, etc.

    But, it seems you should be able to disable the offending plugin using your WordPress dashboard.


    Those instructions look like what the dashboard on the one WP site I maintain looks like, so I suspect it’s that easy.

  7. Joel says:

    Wow, Jed. That not only worked, it took about 3 seconds. I thank you, all the perplexed TUAK readers thank you…

    ETA: Of course now I know what that plug-in did, and have a couple of previously hidden pages on the header. Ah, well – I guess I’ll search for another plug-in…

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