Decoration Day

Time to clean up Boot Hill.

Landlady has big plans for Boot Hill, the place we all plan to end up – many, many years from now. In the meantime it’s filling up with pets. But in the fullness of time there will be a real fence like a proper cemetery, and so right as markers go in we’re trying to establish a little order. Plus this is the high desert, and lots of wind and heat and cold and UV mean everything needs at least a little maintenance from time to time.

Ghost and a cat now have their markers in place, and all the pedestals are re-painted.

Speaking as the person statistically most likely to be the second human buried there – many, many years from now – I can think of worse places to end up.

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6 Responses to Decoration Day

  1. Mark Matis says:

    Will y’all be doing anything to make sure the cows don’t leave profound comments on the graves?

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, a cast iron fence will put an end to that.

  3. Claire says:

    Will you post pix of the new markers — and perhaps some of the existing ones, too? Regular readers probably know the marker on T’s grave. But as I recall even the non-human critters usually get a marker of distinction.

    But damn, that’s a lot of markers collected there already.

  4. Joel says:

    I was going to do that after the markers themselves were touched up, but there was a glitch on that end so I’ll go ahead and take photos next time I’m out there. Some of them are pretty funny.

    But most of what appear to be grave markers are really just place holders letting us lay out where graves will be, not necessarily where they already are. All the original animals are now dead of course, but there weren’t quite that many to begin with and not all made it to Boot Hill.

  5. Parker says:

    You usually predact details.

  6. Jean says:

    There’s a shop in the city we escaped from that has a headstone by the door. It has the shop owner’s name and date of birth (I’m guessing). The last line says: STILL HERE.

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