New thing I made…

Regular readers are familiar with this…

That’s my indoor meter for DC voltage, installed in late 2014 after years of wishing for one. Big Brother made it. It’s a huge help but was never quite perfectly adequate because (of course) I miswired it. It shows the circuit voltage, which is only an approximation of battery voltage which is what I really care about. Plus I always kind of wished it was a four-digit display rather than 3. Then last winter I re-jiggered the batteries so that I have two separate banks, a two-battery bank for the DC circuit and a four-battery bank powering the inverter, and things got too complex and my single meter really wasn’t all that informative anymore.

I’m fixing those things with Indoor Volt Meter Mk. II:

Which I made yesterday out of parts that came in this weekend’s care package dump. It has two four-digit displays, and will be powered with two separate lines – yet to be trenched and laid – directly from the batteries so it’ll show true battery voltage.

The actual trenching is one of the list of projects for this building season and won’t happen tomorrow, but I thought I’d go ahead and build the thing since I finally had all the parts.

The old one won’t be wasted, it’ll end up on the powershed wall with some alligator clips on its leads. That’ll free up the cheap multimeter I currently have in there, just for battery-checking duties. I do kind of obsess over what my batteries are up to.

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4 Responses to New thing I made…

  1. B says:

    When you do the trench to the powershed, why not bury a few 2″ water lines. The tubing is cheap, and then you have an already buried conduit to pull other wires through….

    Work once.

  2. Zendo Deb says:

    It’s good to obsess over batteries. They are (or can be) expensive.

    I found that the automatic watering systems are worth the cost to make sure the electrolyte levels stay where they need to be.

  3. Zendo Deb says:

    I also believed that the 6-volt golf-car batteries are a good deal in the long run. (I also liked the fact that I could pick one up. I had to have help to move the 8Ds they replaced.

  4. Joel says:

    Indeed,those Trojan golf cart batteries may as well have been designed for the “isolated cabin ” application.

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