D&L’s place, and saving disease-ridden vermin

I promised to be there at six o’clock, and I was there at six o’clock. I received detailed instructions about every step involved in feeding and medicating the horses, but L didn’t actually have any suggestions as to how one lets two large, rambunctious dogs out of their kennel for a walkie, then gets them voluntarily back inside the kennel. Fortunately I have inherited/scrounged an assortment of leashes over the years, and two of them are currently hanging from the kennel fence. Butch is good at squeaking past you when you open the gate, but I’m older than he is and better at preventing it. So they had their walkie without undue fuss.

D&L have their processes down pat, 1-2-3. Horses being creatures of habit as much as anybody, when their meals come in specific courses they expect those courses to happen 1-2-3. And heaven help you if you forgot the apple. I’ll bet they’d have complained at me if I cut it the wrong way – except L pre-cut it. Bud the Ancient probably doesn’t care that one piece contains a pill, but the instructions for the insertion of that pill are exceedingly specific. 🙂

Then into the workshop to tend their 16 big Rolls-Surrette batteries, a process which took longer than I expected considering how short a time it has been since it was last done. I guess when you really use your electrical system, you really do have to pay strict attention to battery maintenance. You may insert your own version of “No duh, Joel.”

Over to Landlady’s place for chicken chores, after which I went down to her house to drop off a dogfood tub and check for mice in traps. Didn’t find any mice in traps but there was one in the bathtub

This happens from time to time, and it’s especially gruesome when two mice fall in the tub and can’t get out because you can bet the strongest one ain’t starving to death while there’s a perfectly good weaker one standing right there unable to escape. But this was just one tiny young doormouse* curled up by the drain waiting to die. I could have squished it, I suppose, but I never do. I scooped it out with a convenient Mason jar and released it under a bush a good ways from the house. Probably a snake or bird will get it, but that’s not my problem; I’m not adopting it.

Then home to knead bread dough, because I’m totally out of bread and had to open one of those B&M cans yesterday to tide me over. Monsoon hasn’t been happening and it is too hot in the afternoons to bake. Timer for the first rise just went off!

I do apologize for my lack of content lately, it has pretty much been accompanied by a lack of activity aside from necessary chores because the old man just hasn’t been feeling it for the past couple of weeks. An occasional phase, which will probably pass in time.

*or whatever variety it is, who cares…

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One Response to D&L’s place, and saving disease-ridden vermin

  1. terrapod says:

    All us “retiree” types get the occasional “bleah” day, sometimes a couple in a row.

    The chore list never gets shorter as we add to it constantly. I like to think it is a mechanism for keeping sane, yeah, that’s the ticket……….sane!

    Bwahahahaha, they are (not) coming to take me away, ha-ha!

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