Helping fix D&L’s horse arena…

D&L have this arena for training their horses…

…and just after D got sick one of the posts responsible for keeping tension on the tapes just up and fell over, eaten right off at ground level by termites that apparently like the taste of anti-termite treatment.

L spent something like four hours trying to get the nearly 3-foot stump out of the ground without just digging it up with her perfectly good backhoe, over the space of over a week, so as to save the neat small hole Darrel the Former Cop drilled in the ground when we originally set up the arena. I finally asked her if that was really going to be less work than just filling in and tamping a larger hole. When I got there this morning, she had resorted to the backhoe.

She’s trying some new preparation on the replacement post, not that it matters a lot because those dozens of other posts are probably waiting for a stiff wind to blow them over.

We got it into place, then pushed it vertical against the tension of the tapes with the tractor’s bucket. That worked pretty well. Then we spent what seems like an hour shoveling and tamping, then shoveling and tamping, then shoveling and tamping some more.

The whole thing took a super-sweaty hour and a half, at the end of which the fence was nice and tight through the entire arena’s circumference. And all the time we were doing it, I half expected another pole to fall down while we were right there to watch.

I don’t think this drama is over.

Speaking of drama, D is getting out of the hospital in the Big City tomorrow! L is driving down tomorrow, coming back Thursday afternoon. So I’ll be over there several times starting noon tomorrow to walk dogs and take care of the horses’ extremely intricate dietary and medical needs. I swear they devise some of these complications deliberately. Who weighs out hay?

Since the summer appears to have given up Monsoon for Lent, that means lots of chances to play with my electric bike, which is now thoroughly kitted out with water and tools for use in the boonies with some hope of returning home alive and still under power.

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8 Responses to Helping fix D&L’s horse arena…

  1. Ben says:

    Does your bike have water bottle mounting lugs anywhere on the frame?

  2. Joel says:

    No, and there really isn’t room for a water bottle cage – plus they’re too small anyway. I’m thinking of cutting down a milk crate so I can still kick over the rear; that’ll hold a proper canteen without having to bungee it to the rack.

  3. Thanks for the positive update on D. I know it’ll be great for L to have him home.

  4. LibertyNews says:

    Glad to hear D’s coming home!

  5. Ben says:

    It is certainly great to hear that D is coming home!

    Joel, before you make that crate shorter, consider cutting a big slot out of the center bottom so that it fits over (and hangs below on each side of) the luggage rack.

  6. Spud says:

    A spare backup battery for that thing would be nice lol

  7. Mike says:

    That’s good news about neighbor D. I’m glad that’s settled and he’s out of the darkness. Now comes the hard part, rehabilitation.

    You”re gonna put a milk crate on the back of that wonderful bike? Shame on you…

  8. b says:

    When I saw your pic of the bike I suddenly remembered that Harbor Freight has or at least used to have a fairly cheap 12v trickle charger. It was about 3″X10″ light weight that would fit on the back or side of your vehicle. It wouldn’t be enough to run the bike, but might give you additional range if used while tending to chores … then again maybe not, just a thought worth exactly what I’m charging you for it

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