Even bad things got to come to an end…

Nine or ten years ago Ian and I painted up a pink AK for a photo shoot and later presented it to Landlady as a sort of joke – because, you know, a woman would want a pink rifle. We even coerced her into posing with it one time. ONE time. Since then it has gathered cobwebs in her Meadow House closet. Now I’m going to steal its buttstock, swapping out the WUG’s folder, and I promised I’d make the pink go away. So I’m going to bring home some decent camo paint during tomorrow’s trip to the Big Town, and maybe in the fullness of time we’ll have a rifle-painting post.

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2 Responses to Even bad things got to come to an end…

  1. Ben says:

    How does one strip paint from a gun without doing it (the gun, not the paint) harm?

  2. Joel says:

    Naval jelly would work. It’s used for removing rust, and I’ve never seen any sort of paint that doesn’t dissolve at the mere threat of naval jelly. Of course using it on wood and then getting the wood back into paintable condition is a chore. I recall agreeing to help a pretty much OCD neighbor strip his floors with the stuff – it’s been well over 40 years, and I still recall.

    So mostly I’m just planning to lightly sand the wood and then repaint. But I may need to strip the paint off the metal.

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