Gad, that’s annoying…

I really thought I had the right fittings. This is the story of my life.

Last weekend with Landlady’s visit I received the propane hoses I ordered several weeks ago, that would allow me to connect bottles to the new regulator. ALAS! The fittings on the new hoses were too big for the fittings on the regulator. For some reason the fittings on the regulator won’t bloody come off. So there was nothing to do but wait till the next time I went near a hardware store, to get adapters. And I was so certain I had purchased the right adapters! That certainty lasted until I tried to put the whole damned thing together. Damn and blast. Now this’ll sit here until next Monday when I can try again.

The thing I’m supposed to be working on is the Lair’s back door. It needs trim, and then a good sanding and paint, and then I need to do something (hopefully effective this time) about weatherstripping. But lately the very thought of picking up another roller or paintbrush just sends me off to find something fun for once. I’m totally burned out on painting for the season – though alas I’m not out of things I need to paint.

At least the babies are doing well. Another week or two and they’ll be fully feathered, and then I’ll move them into the big cage that’s already inside the Big Chickenhouse. I’ll let them live there until they outgrow the cage, and by then the hens will be used to having them around and hopefully won’t go medieval on their tiny white asses.

Stuck for something useful to accomplish this morning I suddenly remembered that it was four days past Battery Day. So that became the day’s special chore…

Yes, Zelda. 🙂 I took anti-acid protection to neurotic new levels.

Well, I used gloves and eyepro, anyway.

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5 Responses to Gad, that’s annoying…

  1. Zelda says:

    Joel, it’s scary how casual you are about your fully-functional-at-least-for-now body. Could you possibly, with some thought and hard work, get neurotic enough to also fully cover your head and eyes and the front of your body and your foot/feet? in addition to the elbow length gloves and eye protection. And keep a hose with water running out of it nearby, or at least a large supply of water next to where you are working. It won’t make you any less manly or turn you into a hermit wimp to wear the damn full protective gear. The gods of unruly electrons are always lurking, waiting for an opportunity to make your day really interesting.

  2. coloradohermit says:

    I sure don’t miss battery day since we moved back to town!

  3. terrapod says:

    For a fellow with one stiff bionic leg you sure did make an odd step configuration for the rear door. Is there logic to this design or is it a case of “what I have on hand”?

    Seeing that I have the urge to ship you a wood step kit or a few bags of concrete so you can increase the size of the landing and add more step surface and a hand railing.

  4. Joel says:

    I’ve put off the plastering until probably next year, because now of course I want to expand the rear stairs.

    I laid the blocks out that way because that was the only way stairs would fit around the corner of the chicken yard with room for a wheelbarrow to pass between them. Then no sooner was the porch/stairs config literally cast in stone than I shortened the chicken yard 4′ and freed up lots of space.

    So yeah, it was just poor planning. There will be more concrete stairs, but probably not till next year because I’m burning out on construction and anyway concrete is very expensive locally and I don’t have the bucks.

  5. Joel – aside from getting those fittings tight at the factory – I think they also will use a thread locker on assembly. If so – a bit of heat in the right spot might loosen those up. Obviously there’s parts of the regulator that won’t benefit from too much heat so keep it focused.

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