I really don’t get it. Gun people buy a helluva lot of jeans.

So where’s the upside for this decision of Levi Strauss management?

Levi Strauss Forms Gun-Control Group with Bloomberg, Pushes Employees to Donate

The clothing company said it would be partnering with Everytown for Gun Safety and Michael Bloomberg to form Everytown Business Leaders for Gun Safety in a blogpost on their website. It also said it would set up the Safer Tomorrow Fund, which Levi Strauss said would direct more than $1 million over the next four years to “fuel the work of nonprofits and youth activists who are working to end gun violence in America.” The company went on to say it would begin doubling the amount it matches for employee donations to gun-control groups aligned with the fund and pushed employees to use their five hours a month in paid volunteer time at the gun-control groups.

Levi Strauss said while they had already requested customers not carry firearms in their store in 2016 and had supported gun-control initiatives in the past, they felt they needed to become more politically involved in the issue.

I get it that the CEO and maybe his mother or somebody is a gungrabber who believes pissing off his customer base will somehow curtail “gun violence. But are there no stockholders willing to take exception? Is he or are they aware of this thing called “Wrangler?” I don’t follow matters economic, but these are the things I wonder about.

Along with “What if we’re supposed to boycott everything? That wouldn’t work.”


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15 Responses to I really don’t get it. Gun people buy a helluva lot of jeans.

  1. Judy says:

    Levi’s always cost too much and I assume the fit is still awful. Wranglers fit better, last longer and cost less; so why would you buy Levi’s?

  2. Malatrope says:

    Carhartt’s beats Levi’s, which themselves beat the Levi’s-wannabee Wrangler. Nobody who lives outside of a metroplex should wear anything less. Heh.

  3. Phssthpok says:

    Four Wranglers cost HALF of one Carhart, and I get almost twice the wear time out of the set vs. a single Carhart.

    I haven’t (willingly) purchased anything Levi’s for decades. Too expensive, the fit is wrong, and the crotch A:WAYS blows out first. (usually in less than 6 months)

  4. doubletrouble says:

    Wranglers here for the past 30 years, at least. That was when I realized jeans are working pants, not a fashion statement.

  5. FDD says:

    I like Lee jeans, the fit is better than all of them

  6. billf says:

    Joel, gun owners,cowboys and farmers all may wear Levis,but so do liberals,college students ,antifa and high school kids. Practically no corporate lawyers or executives,and politicians. My point is-we’re a minority in this market. They’re going along with their base,and don’t care if they leave us behind. If I remember correctly (someone will surely correct me ),about 25 years ago,Levis was based in San Francisco and was run by lesbians who moved all manufacturing out of the US. They are American owned,but sell world wide,to libs and communists.

  7. Mark Matis says:

    Well Phssthpok, Faded Glory:

    costs less than half a Wrangler:

    But I guess if your jeans gotta be stylin’ and profilin’, Faded Glory probably ain’t gonna hack it.

  8. Paul Joat says:

    I just mail order Wranglers once a year from walmart for $10 a pair. the cheaper brands aren’t enough cheaper to be worth the lower quality, and I doubt that Carhartt are 4 times as good.

  9. B says:

    Texas Jeans Company. Made in America…(Carhart isn’t anymore) by Americans.

    Good jeans, they wear well.

    I went to them (Texas Jeans) when Levis banned guns in their stores a few years ago.


  10. Joel says:

    Good to know, I never heard of Texas Jeans.

    Personally I rarely wear jeans in the summer, they’re too hot and confining. The older I get the more I like surplus BDUs. But I have a few pair of blue jeans for going to the big town, and I have a drawerful of canvas jeans for winter, most of them heavily patched.

  11. Matt says:

    Never wore Levi’s. To expensive for a poor kid growing up and they weren’t cut for an adult built like a barrel. Rustler (wrangler down market brand) or Faded 4 Glory for me. Can get 2 years from the FG and 4 years from Rustlers.

  12. Way ahead of all of you, I stopped wearing Levi’s years ago when they stopped supporting the Boy Scouts because BSA didn’t want openly gay scout leaders. They’ve been “woke” for years, i.e., focusing on sh*t that has nothing to do with delivering a quality product to their customers.

  13. Gramma says:

    Carhartt double-knee here. Their moss-green. We get them from Coastal Farm And Ranch.

    I got accused a having a ‘thing’ against Levi products. Nope, no prejudice; they don’t fit us. In a variety of ways.

  14. Buck. says:

    I quit buying anything Levis made when they gave a bunch of cash to Handgun Control Inc. back in the 1980s. I naively wrote them a letter asking how they could do so considering the whole point of the copper rivet on the pockets was for the revolvers miners carried to their claims. I got a smarmy and trite letter basically telling me I was a troglodyte. It’s been Carhartt, Lee and BDUs ever since and I haven’t looked back.

    I may look into that Texas Jeans Co, too.

  15. Kentucky says:

    Wore Levis until they outsourced to Mexico. The 517s were perfect for me . . . so sad.

    Have tried the Texas jeans. Not bad, but Wranglers cost less and last longer. I’ll save my next pair of Texas for “good” wear.

    Yeah, Wranglers are made in Mexico, but most everything else is, so it doesn’t matter much. It was just that Levis were “the American standard” . . .

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