Getting back into the hermit thing…

I spent four nights in Ian’s place – first time I’ve ever done that, the bed is surprisingly nice but Tobie hated spending nights in the place and wouldn’t let me sleep – four days and nights running my propane heater in the bathroom so the shower would be tolerably warm. The whole thing blew the hell out of my propane budget between that and the Lair’s bedroom heater being cranked up 24/7. Glad I topped off my propane for the visit.

Plus there’s me trying not to be an old white guy with two girls in the house…

“Turn off the lights when you’re not using them!”

Yeah, it was gloomy the whole time, which did the batteries no favors. Rained all one day, snowed the last day so I had to kind of shoo us all down the road early while I could be reasonably sure Daughter’s little car could even make it out to pavement. Then later in the day the sun came out a little and all the snow suddenly melted, so my prediction was proven correct as the road became a sea of mud again. Nobody really wanted to break up the visit, but if they hadn’t left when they did they’d still be here and probably with the car stuck in a ditch somewhere.

My daughter, bless her, has the same gift my brother Vaughn has: She’s not uncomfortable with companionable silences. So we spent most of the time sitting around reading, and still had a great time.

Tobie was absolutely besotted with love for them both. We went to S&L’s for supper the final evening, and he was very upset at being left home. Kind of did some obnoxious puppy things in our absence.

Yesterday I went back and forth getting stuff out of Ian’s place, kind of crashed with some old movies. Tobie slept all day. And this morning…

…he’s back to like nothing ever happened.

I ran the last of my gasoline through the generator yesterday trying to jazz some juice into the batteries with that new 12v cable. Did very little good. Today I’m going to the Palace of Food with D&L, and I need to go to town to get gasoline and also hopefully there’s a Big New Thing waiting for me there: A Generous Reader sent me a proper small-homestead-size battery charger that can work with the Honda, and if it works as advertised I’ll stop being that crank who can’t turn on the lights after three cloudy days.

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4 Responses to Getting back into the hermit thing…

  1. Robert says:

    Glad you had a good time. Companionable silences are to be treasured.

    Um, not to be crude, it looks like the leash is attached to the wrong end of the dog. Unless it’s a particularly unruly dog.

  2. Joel says:

    I warned him not to annoy me…

  3. Cliff says:

    Glad to hear the visit went well! I know for me family is stressful even though I’m lucky and do love them. Pour yourself a reward glass and decompress.

  4. LibertyNews says:

    Sounds like it was a successful visit!

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