Getting ready for my new career in Hollywood…

There’s a new video out at Forgotten Weapons, and one shot contains a background Jeep you may recognize. Because the cameraman’s a doofus.

I’ll disagree with one thing Ian said. He said he found the carbine enjoyable to shoot. I found it a good reason to become a recoil-sensitive girlyman, and stopped shooting it after three rounds. He pretty much emptied the box of shootable ammo, and complained the next day about his bruised shoulder.

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  1. Buck says:

    I like those little carbines. I have been eyeing one that a guy who comes to the Costa Mesa gun show has had on his table for a few years. He just wants a bit too much money for it but every year he fails to sell it he comes down a bit in price. I may have it someday. That means I have to buy yet another caliber and yet different clips. As if the Steyr M95 en blocs and 8x56R are not bear enough to find.

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