Giving Allah rent-free space in your head…

Via Codrea, here’s a Matt Bracken manifesto for people afraid of Islam.

He clearly worked hard on that. Which leads me to speculate that he lays awake nights worrying about somebody imposing Sharia law on him.

Can you imagine anything – other than maybe parading blue-helmets down Main Street – more likely to bring the rifles out? Maybe I’m being Pollyanna, but I just can’t get too worked up over Sharia.

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7 Responses to Giving Allah rent-free space in your head…

  1. Joel,

    Indifference is not an option. We must hate, hate, hate! And be like all scared and stuff.


  2. Ken Hagler says:

    This reminds me of a really good blog post I saw a while back:

    The best part is this:

    “I append here a list of all Christian countries conquered by militant Moslems since 1529:

    Next, a partial list of Moslem countries conquered by Christians: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq (the first time), Iraq (again), Iran, Pakistan, East Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai….

    This list does not include such minor Christian conquests as North, South, and Central America, India, China, Southeast Asia, black Africa, and such. Unconscionable, Moslem aggressiveness is.”

  3. Johnathan says:

    Wow, what a piece of fear mongering. Reading the comments was even worse.

    @Dave: I agree. Indifference is far more powerful than hatred. Indifference to someone implies he or she is irrelevant; if you hate them, they are still relevant to your thinking. And I think irrelevancy is what they fear the most.

    For those that are immersed in hatred as way of life–they define themselves by what they hate, not by what they as individuals have done in their own lives. What would happen if they didn’t have that hatred to help avoid looking inward?

    @Ken: Why choose 1529 as a cutt-off date? Plenty of action before then:

    It really just goes to show that religious beliefs of most any type are powerful tools for those who wish conquer others.


  4. I’m reminded of one of the Grigg classics here–can’t recall which one at the moment, and there are certainly many to choose from–which basically goes thus:

    Nowhere in living memory have our rights or liberties been seriously threatened by anything other than the regime ruling us.

    Far as I can tell, protection rackets are a pretty predictable lot. They all operate the same way, preying on the same fears, depending on us for the same knee-jerk reactions if things just get serious enough. (And if things aren’t serious enough, that can be fixed in a jiffy to produce the desired level of fear.) What’s so frustrating is that we regularly deliver for the manipulative bastards.

  5. I am well armed, therefore I fear NOTHING. Unarmed= afraid. Just where those “in charge” want us. I don’t need cops. I don’t need the army. I don’t need all the ABC agencies “protecting” my from whatever boogeyman they are charged with “keeping at bay”. I am armed, I am proficient, I am confident, I am at peace. ‘Nuff said.

  6. Ken Hagler says:

    Hmm, there was a URL in my comment, but it seems to have been eaten by the commenting system. That was taken from a blog post on the “Fred On Everything” site, and if I were to guess, my guess would be that 1529 was the last time any Muslim country conquered any Christian country.

  7. john b says:

    Don’t those losers know that if they got their Shariah law, they’d be the first ones executed under it? They’d be in the same company as the Bolsheviks, the Viet Cong…..

To the stake with the heretic!