Ghost is running around like a puppy…

And last night he was really getting on my nerves. The Secret Lair has a single comfy chair, and after lights-out it belongs to Ghost. But with everybody sequestered indoors as the weather continued (day after day) as if Hillary had condemned me to it as punishment for my gender, Ghost became more and more demanding. He can curl up on LB’s dog bed, give me the big brown eyes and whine at me for hours – and what he wants is for me to get up and give him “his” chair*.

I wasn’t in the best of moods myself. Last night I finished my ninth paperback in something like a week. I used to do that shit all the time, but these days I more often have something resembling a life. Not lately, though. So he got yelled at. “You’re staring at me! Stop staring at me!” He could have the damn chair when I went up the ladder to bed. Which, at last, I gave up and did. Screw it.

So of course this morning I woke up long before dawn. The Lair is always cold on winter mornings and I object to freezing in the dark, which is why I prefer going to bed later in winter. But I don’t always get what I want. Here I was, awake.

And the stars were out! The remains of the full moon were clear and sharp! The clouds had departed overnight! Kinda cold, but hey, it’s December. It does that. And Ghost acts like he shed seven years overnight. So now that it has warmed up a bit we’re all going for a walky, just to blow off some accumulated steam. It’ll probably cloud up again this afternoon, so we’ll enjoy a cloudless sky while it lasts.

*Yeah, he was mad about the new chair. But I laid his old blanket on the seat of the new one and he promptly forgot all about the issue. Now I think he prefers this one – or maybe it was just the weather.

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