And we’re back to heavy overcast. After Thursday’s all-day rain, the roads are soaked so heavily the caliche is still soupy in places. I was supposed to meet my weekender neighbor S to get some composted manure for his yard, but he (wisely) seems to have called his trip off. Somebody drove past his place, though, and the road between him and Landlady is chewed up as I’ve rarely seen it. Somebody barely got out with his vehicle. I took that little quad there, and on the way back it felt like it was raining big globs of mud. Those idiotic fenders basically do nothing: The machine would be better if I took a Sawzall to them.

The forecast is starting to equivocate: It was supposed to be clear and cold for days starting tomorrow, but has changed since. Looks like it’s more clouds, “chance of rain/snow.” Bother. I wonder if it’s possible to get Seasonal Affective Disorder after just a week? Maybe people with solar power are more susceptible.

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