Glad I spent yesterday outdoors playing…

It’s not cold out, looks like it’ll break 50 which isn’t cold at all for early January, but heavy clouds and in every other way not at all like yesterday which was scandalously nice.

Heavy clouds are why …

If you want to go solar and also keep a family happy, your choices are to budget for a big reliable backup generator or change your plans entirely.

Happily this old cedar rat is done with the “family” thing. I’ve done my bit for the species and for the economy, now if there’s no ‘tricity to power the … um … whatever people need a lot of electricity for, I can just play some other way. And since I’ve been in a shooting posture for the past few days…

…I’ve spent my morning on Joel’s equivalent of meditation: Unnecessary gun cleaning. After lunch and the mid-day walkie I’m going to head over to Ian’s to work on finding new storage alternatives for his fancy metallic targets, those that are left here, so they’ll be in better shape when he decides he wants them again.

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