Gonna try something else with the boys this morning…

Ghost has been getting slower and slower to come to Gitmo every morning, and yesterday he pulled a fast one on me. I called him to treats, and he steadfastly refused to show. I didn’t worry about it because Ghost isn’t prone to wander. Locked up Little Bear, walked to the Jeep…and Ghost was there waiting for me. At first I was ready to insist that he go to Gitmo, but then I figured, “Why am I punishing Ghost because Little Bear can’t control himself?” So I brought him along to the Lair and he was no trouble at all except toward the end. When Ghost gets bored, he can be a pain. But I was looking for an excuse to knock off by then anyway.

So this morning I’m gonna bring both boys with me, along with LB’s tie-out cable. He still needs to be confined if I’m to get any work done, but I need to find a place to confine him at the site. Hopefully where he won’t be tying the cable in knots every ten seconds. I’ve got a plan, but don’t guarantee it will work.

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