Good day.

I got everything done I wanted to, and after three days the new permanent woodshed is complete except for the floor.


There’s a good source of shale on a slope not far from the cabin. There’ll be a lot of back and forth and bitching about the state of my back, but other than that rock for the floor won’t be a problem.


Since I can’t use a circular saw at the Lair, all the cutting had to be done with cordless tools and the sawzall didn’t give me any of the problems it did when I first got it. I got through that whole thing without needing to charge a battery.


The ladies even went 13-for-13 on egg production.


And then I got home to find an email from some guy at Alien Gear, wanting me to T&E one of their holsters. I wrote a return message filled with thanks and goodwill, but mentioning TUAK’s relative shortage of IWB holsters.

That’s a good day in a string of good days. Early May, and getting things done! That’s the way we like it.

And now Uncle Joel is kinda funky. Bath time at the kitchen sink.

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4 Responses to Good day.

  1. sevesteen says:

    I accidentally bought an Alien Gear holster, confusing their name with a different brand that was recommended by people I respect. It was not a happy accident. A free Alien Gear holster in my mailbox would be considered junkmail, not worth the trip to pick it up. And my mailbox is on my front porch.

  2. billf says:

    Wow,good day Joel. Getting shit done!

  3. Joel says:

    Really? Sevesteen, what didn’t you like about it? I have no experience but don’t remember ever hearing bad things about Alien Gear holsters.

  4. sevesteen says:

    Alien Gear is the same general type as holsters I’ve carried for years–Comp-Tac Minotaur, Crossbreed Supertuck. I like the concept, but the execution is poor. The Kydex shell is thick and sturdy, but 5 inches wide, flat and inflexible. It sits about 3/8 inches out from the backer at the far ends. The backer is a piece of flexible plastic backed with Neoprene, with a 6 inch wide springy metal stiffener between the layers. (A magnet sticks) Even without a pistol in it the backer remains flat and inflexible where the stiffener is, with all the flex in the last 2 inches of each end. The part that isn’t stiffened likes to curl under and make an uncomfortable lump.

    I’d rather carry a full size Glock loaded to New York Legal 7 rounds in a good holster than a compact single stack 9 in an Alien Gear. It would be equally concealable and more comfortable.

    Their OWB uses the same kydex shell on a chunk of leather, with poorly sized leather straps screwed on the back. A bit more flexible, but flops around on even a good stiff gunbelt. Mine is a couple years old, maybe they have made massive improvements since.

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