Trying something a little different here…

That, basically right there, is the new woodshed. Rats are just naturally attracted to piles of things: There’s no way to keep a pile of firewood rat-free that wouldn’t be more hassle than the rats. But I’m thinking if I can keep them only able to enter from the front, then the front is where they’ll nest and we won’t get these reeking multi-generation rat condo/tombs that really ruin firewood. That’s the theory.

Hence the seemingly sense-free trouble I’ve gone to, essentially making a basket-bottom of the woodshed, when in fact the building will have no door and rats can simply stroll in and out. I want to keep them from being able to enter from the rear; they can do whatever they want at the front.

Even found a spot where I rounded the wire at a corner: That would have actually made the whole thing more attractive. All the layers are tied together, the wire wraps clear around the bottom so tunneling will do no good.

My theory may be all wet, in which case I’ve wasted a couple hours’ work and some free hardware cloth. But I’ve torn down four temporary woodsheds now, and the really destructive nests were always at the rear.

Now I’ll go ahead and put hardware cloth over the upper vents – not sure why, just because that’s the easy part – and then we’re going on a shale-hunting expedition. Tomorrow morning while it’s still cool I’ll bring up the sand I need to set the stones. Then later, probably much later when I paint the new addition, paint it green.

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4 Responses to Trying something a little different here…

  1. Kentucky says:

    Just curious . . . why no door?

  2. Joel says:

    It’s just a weather shelter, with the open end on the leeward side. A door would be almost as hard to build as the building was. The only reason I can think to put a door on it would be to try and rat-proof the building, and good luck with that.

  3. Michael Best says:

    I would put a floor in it with lots of slots to maximize airflow. I think the reason the rats are nesting there is for shelter from the cold and wet wind. Increase the air flowing throught the bottom and the rats wont like it. You should expect to get a complaint from the housing and rent control beauracrats!

  4. Joel says:

    That’s a pretty good theory, but Woodsheds Mk I-IV had pallet floors, which would presumably have lots of airflow. They attracted rats like I posted personal ads.

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