Got everything squared away…

Landlady had the same thought as me, only she had it first. So she texted me that she’d just gotten back from driving her car up the hill, and we back-and-forthed as to whether we should ferry it to the county road. Consensus was yeah, right after walkies.

Little Bear and I went out to the wash so he could do his chores and I could check on the gamecam…

…which was buried in snow, so I’m not expecting much of interest on that mem card.

I was all bundled up for rolling around in snow in case we ended up digging one or more vehicles out of a ditch, except I wore my regular winter boots. Before LB and I were at the end of the driveway my toes were telling me that was a mistake, so before I went to meet Landlady I put on that one Sorel boot. What a difference! My regular boots are fine for everyday but when it turns cold outside those heavy ugly rubber things really come into their own.

Then I followed Landlady out to the county road in the Jeep, so no matter what the roads do she’ll have no trouble getting back to pavement. Turned out that trip was completely uneventful, which is just as it should be.

On the way back I detoured to the Lair to pick up my squeegee-on-a-pole, to do something that isn’t on the regular schedule…

And now I’m back home safe and warm. I think maybe this needs to be a baking day, since I really don’t plan on doing much else outside. The sun’s coming out as I type this sentence, which means the snow will melt and we’ll be mud from sea to shining sea for the whole day.

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4 Responses to Got everything squared away…

  1. free.and.true says:

    Those little front-wheel-drive rollerskate cars (I’m guessing that’s the kind your Landlady drives) can be surprisingly steady and nimble on snow.

    Mud, though… yeah, sounds like y’all did the smart thing.

    Safe travels and happy baking!

  2. Mike says:

    Nice to see that everything worked out. Landlady might want to invest in a pair of these to help with getting unstuck. They are nowhere near the pain in the butt chains can be and they work well in snow and mud… Just a thought.

  3. That’s some rough weather. We used to wear “Mickey Mouse” boots in cold weather, big insulated things that looked just like Mickey’s feet. But they wore all the skin off the top of your legs ,right through your winter socks. You do pretty good coping with whatever comes along. Bravo Zulu to you, Joel.

  4. Robert says:

    Looking at the solar panels: you missed a spot. 🙂

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