The weather is in league with Uncle Murphy

I swear it was supposed to be cold, clear and dry all weekend. The forecast has been dependable lately.

But nooooo…

Normally snow would be kind of welcome, really, in spite of the resulting mud. It’s been a very dry winter, and winter is when we get all the moisture we’re going to get before Monsoon.

Naturally, this unscheduled snowfall had to happen while Landlady was here in her very urban car. So now the question is: Do we leave it where it is, at the bottom of a very steep and currently probably rather slippery hill, until the snow melts? Which it probably will by early afternoon? OR…do we attempt the hill so we can re-park her car on the other side of the impassible mud, which will probably form as the snow melts in early afternoon?

Clearly we’re going to do that second thing. Pretty much as soon as it’s light.

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2 Responses to The weather is in league with Uncle Murphy

  1. Kentucky says:

    Please get video . . .

    😉 😉 😉

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Right now I’d be glad to trade all this snow for the spring time mud. I’ve got about six weeks left to wait for it. 🙁

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