Great. So a job that should take an hour per trip ends up taking more like two and a half…

Well, bad-luck gigs happen. Sometimes the trouble is worth the money, sometimes not. At least so far the axle has stayed more or less at right angles to the direction of travel. That’s important – I learned that at mechanicing school.

Only took about half an hour before the engine would re-start. It’s just flooding or vapor locking. Pain in the ass but nothing that’ll cause me to spend a night out in the desert.

S&L are still on the road, due back home tomorrow if everything goes well. And bless her heart, when I texted to say I had watered her plants but now I was stuck there until the Jeep would start, she offered me the loan of her own car. Considered taking her up on it, too – but that car is no more capable of climbing T&S’s driveway than the Jeep currently is, and the Jeep is working – with a few caveats and addenda. So we’ll carry on as long as we can.

ETA: Oh, and lest I forget: Various Generous Readers hit the tip jar to the tune of over $200 for Jeep repairs, and along with a check that’s in the mail from BB that should put us over the top for axle repairs and to catch up on all the maintenance needs the engine has accumulated. So thank you very much! Something to consider when you think of going off-grid and off-economy: How far can you walk? Because that’s a problem for me and has been since sometime in 1972.

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3 Responses to Great. So a job that should take an hour per trip ends up taking more like two and a half…

  1. Midwestmike says:

    Just wondering Joel. How big an area is the gulch community? How far is the farthest “member”? Will also hit the tip jar for jeep upkeep. Hang in there!

  2. Joel says:

    Contiguously speaking, the valley we inhabit is very roughly 4 square miles. Everyone in that space is either allied or friendly. There are some outliers further out, but between us and them is a world of tweekers, weirdos and lowlifes, most merely dysfunctional but some of whom are far more aggressive than we are.

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