(Grumble) I hate mud.

Oh boy, did it ever rain last night. Both gullies near the Lair, and also the gully closer to the wash, let go for the first time this season.

Unfortunately, as often happens during heavy rain, there was a mudslide in the ash deposit in the gully behind the cabin.

That’s the drainage ditch behind what used to be the chicken yard and is now a disused just-in-case dog kennel. I have to laboriously dig that sucker out at least once a year, more often in case of mudslides. Fortunately in this case the water velocity was considerable so most of the ash silt stayed in suspension for the first part of its ride.


…the small impromptu culverts under the sewer pipe and bridge to the woodshed partially plugged with debris. Those pipes worked fine till then, and then the water level quickly rose, overwhelmed the berm, and exposed my sewer pipe. Again. That’ll have to be reburied before winter but it’s no big problem now as long as it doesn’t tear out the pipe. Again. (I have no idea where that bottle came from. Must have washed into the gulley from above but how and when litter was deposited on what I consider my back yard will remain a mystery.)

Immediately downstream of the culverts the ash mud left suspension and filled the downstream part of the ditch…

…and then the remains washed down the driveway. Ash makes the worst, stickiest mud I know. It’s my misfortune that the land upwind of this place was volcanically active as hell up till about half a million years ago.

Naturally Torso Boy has taken it into his head that he can only shit on one spot in the whole world, which happens to be in a field of the stuff. Fine when dry, miserable when wet. I took him out into the wash where the wet sand is far less unpleasant but he was having none of it. No, no – Captain Fastidious knew his duty and refused to do his duty until I agreed to go into the ash field. Ah, well. Boots to be scraped after chicken chores, which is where I’m going right now.

I am still going to spend a goodly portion of the day playing with my new bike even if I have to wear rain gear against the flying mud. I could wait till afternoon when some of it has dried, but the Monsoon rain generally waits till afternoon or evening. Right now there’s barely a cloud in the sky. Also I need to clean out those culverts.

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