Well, dammit…

I’ve spent all day slaving over a hot keyboard working on Ian’s galley proof. (which needs some editorial changes, of course, but is generally excellent. This is the first time I’ve seen the page layout and photos, and they’re great.)

Finally finished about quarter to six. I’d hoped all day to spend an hour playing with the new bike but that’s not happening: It’s raining cats and dogs and the gullies are running hard for the first time all season.

I did take it out for half an hour or so after morning chicken chores, having seen the battery fully charged. It’s…going to take some getting used to. As long as I remember to downshift going up hills it’s almost startlingly powerful – locally at least I really can just use it like a motorcycle though I doubt the battery would get me all the way to town and back without pedaling. Peddling on high assist is really gratifyingly easy. But I only put a couple of miles on it and then it was time to get my ass back to work.

I’m hoping to spend a lot more time with it tomorrow, since my editorial work is done for the moment. But I’ve a feeling I’ll be doing it in my rain gear because no matter what the weather the word for tomorrow is going to be mud.

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