Ha HA – (sigh) Oh, dear…

My morning was off to a grouchy start – nothing at all important…


And then I found this and it cheered me right up.


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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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3 Responses to Ha HA – (sigh) Oh, dear…

  1. Bear says:

    My excuse is that the individual triggered me.

  2. Joel says:

    I’m still trying to suss out all the rules, but I believe that defense only works for lefties. The likes of me and you are just sort of naturally judged the aggressors.

  3. DL says:

    My day started off being out of sorts as well…I am advised by LL Bean they have contracted with Citi Bank for their credit card services. This being the same bank; https://personalliberty.com/citibank-attacks-2nd-amendment/…as reported in this linked article.

    I’ve contacted Bean and advised I will no longer be a Bean cardholder or customer and will do all in my power to publicize their decision so that others may make a more informed choice as to whether they wish to continue a relationship with either Bean or Citi Bank.

To the stake with the heretic!