Hard work and self-indulgence

Made the regular Monday morning water run this morning. The local food store/hardware got a pallet of concrete a couple of weeks ago and that was my best chance for acquiring the concrete I need for the rear steps, but I procrastinated because $5/#60 sack is highway robbery. But the pallet was emptying fast, so this morning I choked back a sob and pulled the trigger on that purchase…

…and since it’ll be a couple of days minimum before I’m ready for it and leaving it at the Lair is just daring the sky to open, I stashed it in Landlady’s barn where it’ll stay in powder form whatever the weather.

While in the store, I yielded to venial sin…

That’s right. Yeah. I bought a pound of cheese. And I’m not ashamed or nothing.

Seriously, I love this stuff but it’s ridiculously expensive. I doubt I succumb to temptation more than once every couple of years. And then, since I can’t possibly eat a whole pound of cheese in a short time no matter how gluttonously I behave…

…I bagged 2/3 of it up and carried it over the ridge to Ian’s fridge. Where, hopefully, I’ll forget all about it until it becomes a pleasant surprise later.

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3 Responses to Hard work and self-indulgence

  1. Judy says:

    Don’t leave your ‘pleasant surprise’ too long or it will hair over and become foul.

  2. John says:

    When my little wagon fridge gets below one pound of cheese,
    I know I’m near my theowawki.

    A fix must somehow be in order!

    This is serious-ness
    Rationing necessities is past what even desert rats should do…

  3. Jim Price says:

    Who is your local hardware store? You ain’t kiddin’ when you say their price is highway robbery. Around here it’s $3.25 per 60# sack.

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