Getting a start on winter…

I spent yesterday afternoon hiding from the heat – Monsoon has taken a break and it was one of the hottest days of the month. Not crazy over the top hot, and the lull in the humidity is nice, but it still brushed the bottom of three figures.

In the evening, while the light was still good, I dragged out the chopsaw and generator and got a little work done…

Cut the trim for the single remaining untrimmed front window. This should have been done back in early May but there was a, um, lumber malfunction. Just a matter of squirting some caulk, screwing it together and dragging out the damned paintbrush again.

A great deal of scrap has gathered under the work table, getting wet and muddy. Some of it is useful but most was just waiting for the woodshed. So while I had the chop saw out…

I made firewood.

I don’t really use that much firewood, of course. The Lair is small, I live alone so there’s nobody but me to complain, the winters normally aren’t all that cold during the day and of course my stove won’t keep burning at night so why worry? The woodshed holds about two cords when stuffed full, and it would take an extraordinary winter to empty it. By most people’s standards that’s nothing.

Just to put me in my place I got some pictures yesterday, from the folks who are taking care of ML’s dog Laddie. Coincidentally one of them shows a piece of their firewood operation in the background…

These guys don’t heat with no puny cut-up pallets – nor, probably, would that ever be adequate. Man, I want one of those rounds just so I can finally have a decent chopping block. This is somewhere in Southern Montana, a place I considered moving for my final bug-out but rejected because I don’t really want Winter is Always Coming to be my family words.

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8 Responses to Getting a start on winter…

  1. coloradohermit says:

    If Laddie ends up with you as the Lair companion, you will have gone from one extreme to the other, size wise for sure.

  2. Mike says:

    “Winter is always coming” Yes it is, and not only seasonally but politically. Thanks to the latest mass shooting in Toronto by a mentally disturbed person with an illegally acquired handgun, there is a serious move afoot to ban all handguns north of the border.

  3. Joel says:

    🙁 Yeah, I’ve been sort of following that. Despite all the arguments for how that would not have affected this mass shooting in any way – maybe even if they managed to eliminate all privately owned firearms altogether since a determined Jihadi can always find a crowd and some car keys…

  4. Bear says:

    Um…. Joel, are you aware of the history of the Corgi breed? “Welsh Corgis have historically been used as herding dogs, specifically for cattle.”

    I’m not sure if you’ll have a solution to your cattle problem, or a dead Corgi.

  5. Bear says:

    (Added: And yeah, the mental image of a Corgi herding cattle really struck me when my sister told me.)

  6. feralfaeIlo says:

    Laddie is a very calm guy, he just likes to follow people around and pretend he is herding you. Mostly, though, he stays out of the way. Susan was always telling him to “get out of the road!” We had Corgis at the ranch herding, and they are most excellent herders, and know how to dance with cows so as not to get kicked.

  7. Joel says:

    That must have been a funny sight, those short-legged little ankle biters mixing it up with cattle without becoming road pizzas. If he winds up living here I will expend effort making sure I never see it. 🙂

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