Here’s a great Radley Balko read.

Recently the NRA’s new spokesbabe finally said something about the legal murder of Philando Castile – Dana Loesch plugged NRA Carry Guard. Which was…just about the most tone-deaf thing she could have said. And as Balko points out in this piece, through its actions and lack of action lots of people get the notion that the NRA is kind of, well, racist. In fact it’s more likely they’re not institutionally anti-black, exactly. It’s worse than that. They’re institutionally pro-cop. And cops, being the ones doing the killing, are the biggest part of the problem.

How the NRA’s allegiance to cops undermines its credibility on gun rights

The Supreme Court could rule the NRA’s way on the Castle Doctrine for the next 25 years, but if the police continue to kick down doors with impunity, law-abiding gun owners will be at risk, and the Second Amendment will be more of an empty gesture than a constitutional protection. The Supreme Court could rule the NRA’s way on conceal carry for the next 25 years, but if the organization keeps pushing the line that cops are at war, that the populace is dangerous, and that every citizen is a possible threat, the right to carry a gun in public will always be constrained by cops conditioned to see every weapon as a threat to their existence.

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  1. Kentucky says:

    All well and good, but I still refuse to submit to the Post’s demand that I either turn off my ad blocker or subscribe to their paper, either one of which would subject me to a ton of unwanted advertising/spam. I don’t need to read ANYTHING that bad.

  2. #CopsAreScum
    And good people can’t support cops and remain good people.

  3. Joel says:

    Thank you for sharing, Kent…

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