Turned into a pretty good day, really…

I woke up yesterday with a list of things that needed doing and no ambition whatsoever to do any of them. I was scheduled to get together with my neighbor to get paid for the past six days’ caretaking and that definitely needed to happen – but it depended on a telephone call and I didn’t want to be in the middle of bread-making when the call came. So the delayed call became an excuse to sit around doing nothing useful.

Finally I shook it off and got busy. At a minimum yesterday needed to be baking day.

Bread and dog biscuits, followed by an enormous cleanup…

Of course the phone call came in the middle of the dog biscuit bake. But that’s basically hardtack, and a lot easier to interrupt than regular bread. So the timing didn’t work out badly, and of course you’re welcome – invited, really – to interrupt my work any time you want to give me an envelope of cash.

And then outside to work on making that new bedroom door’s opening actually fit the door.

I ain’t no carpenter, but this bit actually came out fairly well. There was one tiny glitch which was totally not my fault for once – but once that was overcome the addition to the frame slid right in. Now I can sheath around the door. And Monday – or possibly tomorrow – I can get a doorknob, secure that opening, and I’ll be one step closer to opening the passage that officially transforms the Lair into a two-room cabin. :)

But there’s a minor problem with the new window’s opening. I don’t know where the information went awry – traditionally I write it down wrong – but that opening is not sized correctly. Fortunately it’s too big, which is far easier to fix than too small. But it’s too big by some bizarre fraction of a 2X4’s width in both dimensions, which means I have to bum Neighbor D’s table saw and rip a couple of 2X4s. And the lumber yard really saw me coming: I’ve got lots of wood but it’s nasty corkscrewed shite. In this case I need them straight, which means I may need to rip each board twice in some mathematically easy-to-screw-up manner. Far from insurmountable, but it’s a complication I didn’t need. I should be able to just cut holes and pop these babies into them.

Yeah, I should be able to sit Mark Zuckerberg down and explain his logical fallacies, too. But that’s not happening either. I vow to endeavor to persevere.

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3 Responses to Turned into a pretty good day, really…

  1. Ben says:

    That door looks great Joel. I love to see your progress on this project.

    And yes, having your lumber delivered (rather than selecting the pieces yourself) is a great way to guarantee that they will deliver you a certain percentage of twisted and knot holed shite.

    This is one small area where chains like HD have improved things for the consumer. I remember when one went to a “lumber yard” to buy wood. You were expected to walk in the front door already knowing what you want. You would talk to the nice salesman, who wrote down your order and took your money. Then you drive around the the back where a grumpy grade school dropout would try to foist off the crap from on top of the pile to you, saving the best for the professional accounts who tipped him well. At HD/Lowes you pick out what you want for yourself,leaving the crap behind.

  2. Based on my experience, for a construction project, it sounds like it went better than they usually do. At least it’s fixable and you know how to fix it.

  3. Judy says:

    We were lucky at our small town lumber yard. They wanted our continuing business so our orders were for the most part straight and knot free. The cost wasn’t that much more than the big box places either. They had a bin of junk lumber that if you were needing stakes or short lengths that was the place to dig.

    Would some of you pallet wood work for the spacers in your window frame?

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