Here’s a study I’d believe, and this one is fiction…

Study Finds Most People Just Wearing Masks To Avoid Sea Of Judgmental Glares

“Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the ‘rona, but I just want to get in and out and pick up a few groceries without getting glared at like I’m a serial killer who personally murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans,” said Bob Cristoff as he went into a Safeway. “I just need some eggs, please don’t beat me to death.”

All of a sudden there are “wear a mask or you can’t come in” signs on every store in the Idiocracy nearest where I live, and we don’t even have the bloody virus around here. I’m far more likely to catch it from you than you are from me.

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5 Responses to Here’s a study I’d believe, and this one is fiction…

  1. Jeff Tracy says:

    That’s about where I’m at on it.

    I don’t wear a mask because I need to or want to, but I will put one on to keep from having to mess with the poor fool that the business delegated to tell people that they have to wear a mask. He didn’t ask for that crap, but his boss told him to do it.

    His boss, OTOH? Or our Governor? I’d probably kick them in the ‘nads if I got close enough, although they are taking a lot of measures to ensure that I don’t.

  2. Johno says:

    Since all this great foolishness began, I’ve seen one shopgirl wear a mask, for one day only. I assume she or her boss realised how silly it all is. Certainly shoppers and people on the streets don’t wear any, nor health workers or cops. Mind you, this in laidback north Queensland, not plague-ridden Melbourne. There have been just over 100 deaths attributed to the beer-virus in Australia.

  3. Dudal says:

    Hi. The problem is that we don’t really know the scale of this mess. We simply can’t say where it is or isn’t. Around 80% of infected people don’t get significant symptoms but they still spread the virus. I’m in my 30’s and I wear a mask in shops not for myself but for those with immunity issues or cancer etc. It’s simply not any sort of an effort to me so even if it reduces the risk by 5% it’s fine. I suppose that we can just assume that it’s all just maths and calculation. Different safety measures have some level of effectiveness and by applying them we slow this epidemy down so that the healthcare system can manage. That’s all. I should mention that I live in the EU and in my country the epidemy is starting to gain scale again after the government loosened basic restrictions and people thought everything was over. So keep calm and wait for better drugs/treatment to come.

  4. M says:

    And then there are the “righteous mask individuals” who social pressure to comply drives over the edge. Do “we” really want this type of “right think“ to rule us or just until Nov. 4th?

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