Here’s something else we’re trying…

I have a few 6 gal buckets I can spare, and more press-on lids than I care to think about. Neighbor L suggested turning one into a nesting box to see if the Leghorns like it.

I also like the idea of subdividing the main nesting boxes. Big Brother is due tomorrow so things are getting very busy here at the Secret Lair – but once the porch kerfuffle settles down I’m going to give that a try. The Leghorns do seem to want smaller, more private spaces. I’m even thinking of half-covering the entrance of one of those boxes, just to see what they do with it.

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3 Responses to Here’s something else we’re trying…

  1. Norman says:

    Much clever. Cheap, effective, easy cleanout, even comes with a handle.

    Once again, AlGore’s Intertubes to the rescue:


  2. Cederq says:

    My mom use to do that with 5 gallon buckets with her chickens. cleaner and easy to use and the girls apparently liked the close confines of them.

  3. Old Grump says:

    In old mining towns I have seen old dynamite boxes used. Knock half of one end out and lay the top back on the pay a rock on top.

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