Never throw away an old tire tube

I wanted to make a second bucket nest but I needed something better to line the cut plastic with. There was some cheap duct tape in the barn but it wasn’t enough to prevent a hen hurting herself. That link in the comments a post or two down suggested using a section of tire tube, and that was just the thing.

I replaced some tubes for a neighbor several years ago, when she wandered into some thorns. Took the cast-offs home and they’ve been so useful over the years that I almost regret charging her for the job.

ETA: Some of the Leghorns are using the round bucket, but I won’t be surprised if they refuse the square one. They seem to prefer lower ceilings. It’s kind of an experiment.

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3 Responses to Never throw away an old tire tube

  1. Mark Matis says:

    Maybe rotate the “square” one 90 degrees so it’s not quite so tall???

  2. Joel says:

    That was the original plan. But this is the only way I can have part of the original cover holding in the bedding.

  3. Jean says:

    Tire tubes? I cut those up and use ’em as rifle scope covers.

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