Hey, I’ve seen some California McMansions where this would be a big hit.

Went through a period, in the wreckage of my Mr. Suburban Man period, where I got gas money and (on a good month) helped pay the rent on my borrowed bedroom by delivering food in the evenings*. This was a service subscribed to largely by people in big houses, too busy or discombobulated or dysfunctional to cook their own food.

This gig gave me a look inside a whole bunch of Socal McMansions, and one thing I often wondered is “how do they change the light bulbs in the ceilings of those way-high foyers?”

If you could perfect this, you could sell at least one per McMansion.

*OT, let me say in case you didn’t know that the smell of spicy food in the back of your rundown car, while you lack a buck for a hamburger, can be nearly maddening.

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One Response to Hey, I’ve seen some California McMansions where this would be a big hit.

  1. Sound Information says:

    You send a text to your house care-taker that says “Wilson, could you replace the dead bulbs in the foyer chandelier while we’re away for Cannes?”

    And then Wilson spends the first two hours after his arrival at the house searching for where you have hidden the wireless remote for the chandelier hoist:

To the stake with the heretic!