Hey, remember RealID?

…and how dead it was and all?

Well, it’s back. Seems we could use one of those Zombie-class shotguns over in Washington, because this is the “great idea” that just won’t die.

National identification cards, long feared by privacy advocates, may soon become mandatory for American workers. In a bipartisan effort to curb the hiring of illegal immigrants, Sens. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have proposed legislation that, if passed, will require all working Americans to carry biometric ID cards containing fingerprint records and other personal information.

Illegal immigration – as long as the statists can keep people stirred up and afraid of those Evil Brown People, good citizens will line up for these things in enough numbers to make the complaints of the rest of us pretty damned moot.

Look, I’m agnostic on the whole immigration thing. I suspect that I’ve dealt with a lot more BPOQLS (Brown People Of Questionable Legal Status) than most folks have, and I’ve yet to see a big problem with them. But my circumstances are far from standard and I could be completely wrong. Nevertheless, if the only way to deal with the “problem” is to make ME prove MY legal status every time I want to apply for a job (or do any of God knows how many other things, to be determined), the cure is far, far worse than the disease no matter how bad the disease might be. I Have Spoken.

For you Paulistas out there, some relevant eye candy:

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