Wow, you really can find anything on YouTube.

I’m not totally convinced that’s a good thing.

When I sorted out the Song In My Head this morning, I thought “No way. No way I’m finding any version of this.”

I found three. One was a fuzzy boy’s choir, and one was Humphrey Bogart, sort of. I’ll spare you those. Sadist that I am, I won’t spare you this:

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2 Responses to Wow, you really can find anything on YouTube.

  1. Uncle W. says:

    Actually, Joel, there are FOUR versions of this song-I-never-heard-of-until-you-put-it-into-my-head on You Tube.

    And why spare anybody the Bogart version?

    It’s pretty funny listening to Lauren Bacall take that last low note from both Bing and Bogey.

    But I’ll hate you forever for infecting my brain with that horrible chorus.

  2. Joel says:

    I stopped looking at three. Too much of a good thing, and your brain starts leaking out your ears.

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